Norwalk Transit Fleet

nts-14Norwalk Transit was in the midst of converting to CNG powered coaches and wanted an update from their rather conservative look of grey and maroon stripes on a white bus. NT wanted a departure from the old look, though they wish to maintain the brand and logo type. Our color pallet was their current colors, plus a gold that the city favors. They want the buses to have an environmentally friendly look that draws attention to their new CMG buses.

Norwalk’s old look

We began work in late 2013 and have a design finalized. Due to the fact that new buses are not yet on the streets, we are showing only comps from the process, not the winning design. After Norwalk Transit releases the design and the buses hit the streets we will add images of the new buses.

California Transit Association has a member profile which highlights Norwalk Transit System’s history and significant milestones.

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