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Your agency’s website, Email signatures, and stationery are great places to display Award icons, letting the people outside your organization know of your team’s accomplishments. We also understand some fleets have vendors or production facilities of their own. For that reason we offer the 100 Best Fleets Media Pack.

100 Best Fleets Media Pack

We offer a media pack that includes the logos shown here, in a variety of common formats for web (jpg) and print (pdf, eps), and written permission to reproduce our material. Other designs of banners, decals, patches, T-shirts, etc show in our portfolio are not included in the Media Pack (see Custom Artwork & Design Services below).

The media pack allows your organization to:

  • use logos on the items of your choice, regardless of quantities, for a given year’s award;
  • updated license required for each year’s award that you wish to promote;
  • reproduce 100 Best Fleets logos and artwork appropriately and accurately;
  • incorporate the 100 Best Fleets logo into larger designs and use it in combination with other awards, seals and logos.

Price $250

100 Best Fleets wide

A variation of the square logo moves the type around, reducing the overall height. This design is ideal for items that are wider than they are tall. Your city seal could be added to the right side creating a balanced design that highlights the award and your fine community.

100 Best Fleets Square logo

Introduced in 2009, the 100 Best Fleets square logo  features bold type, and a roadway that leads to a maintenance facility, all in one neat little graphic. This logo can appear by itself or can be incorporated into another design as we have for T-shirts, Banners, Decals, etc.

100 Best Fleets Media Pack Order Process

  1. Contact us to indicate your interest in the logo pack.
  2. TLA will send you an invoice which you may pay by phone with a credit card.
  3. Upon receipt of your payment we will send you the media pack via e-mail.

Custom Artwork and Design Services

If you don’t see a design that works for you, or have several awards that you would like to incorporate into a single design, or would like to use designs from our portfolio, we are happy to create new designs using 100 Best Fleets slogans and logos along with your idea(s). Let us know what you have in mind and we will turn your concept into finished digital artwork that you can use on your materials as you wish. Prices start at $250 for the license, with additional creative time required to customize your designs is billed at $75/hr. An estimate will be provided for approval before any work begins.

Custom Artwork Order Process

  1. Please contact us indicating your interest in 100 Best Fleets artwork. Provide the following so we can understand your vision and accurately price your order:
    1. List your planned use of the artwork (website, stationery, banner, etc).
    2. Custom information you would like incorporated into your design.
  2. TLA will give you a price estimate.
  3. Place your order by accepting the estimate with signed PO or payment in full.
  4. TLA will do all design work, pending your approval.
  5. We send you the finished artwork via e-mail.
  6. Sourcing and production of your products is your responsibility.

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