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sonoma-bannersGreen for the Service Area

[This page contains out-of-date designs including Green Fleet Award logos which are no longer in use. Designs are show for ideas and color options for your to consider.] Current Green Fleets banner are located here>>.

Banners hanging in your shop are a regular reminder to your employees, customers and visitors, that your organization has been recognized as a Green Fleet. Reinforcing the high standards and green initiatives that drive your fleet’s success.

In the photo at right our banners are hanging from the rafters in the Sonoma County CA’s maintenance facility. Below are samples of banners we’ve produced for a few honored Green Fleets.

Banner Ordering Process

  1. Use the contact form below, and provide the following so we can accurately price your order:
    • Tell us what information you would like on the banner.
    • Quantity
    • Size (w x h)
  2. TLA will give you a price estimate.
  3. TLA does all design work, submitting drafts until we arrive at a design that meets with your approval.
  4. TLA will then produce and ship the banners to you.
  5. Installation is your responsibility.

Quality Banners Made to Last

Our banners are digitally printed directly on a woven vinyl material that is durable and long-lasting. All banners include grommets at regular points to distribute the weight and prevent sagging, and hemmed edges reinforcing the sides to prevent stretching and help the banners keep their shape.

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