Adding a custom decal to your fleet is a great way to get public recognition for your achievement. You place an order, we do all the design work, and with your approval produce the decals. When finished we send them to you for installation.

Custom Decals

NAFA 100 Best Fleets 2022 - Decal
100 Best Fleets 2022 Decal

We are happy to work with you to create a design that works for your community. Much like the other items we offer, decals are fully customizable to your needs. This example shows the 100 Best Fleets 2022 logo with space for the community and department names. Below there are options showing a community seal next to the 100 Best Fleets logo. Adding your fleets ranking is also a popular option for those who placed higher on our annual listing.

If your fleet has community identification already in place, we offer options without community and department name areas as well (at left below).

Sizes are custom and range from 5″ wide to as large as you wish to go.

Decal Ordering Process

  1. Please contact us indicating your interest in 100 Best Fleets decals. Please provide the
    following so we can accurately price your order: Choose Generic or Custom

    • Quantity per size (w x h)
    • Any custom information you would like incorporated into your design.
  2. TLA gives you a price estimate.
  3. Place your order by accepting the estimate.
  4. TLA does all the design work, pending your approval.
  5. TLA produces the decals & ships them to you.
  6. You apply the decals to your fleet.

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