Inspection Form With Line Drawing

Inspection Form Sample

DBI-P-form-10-2012-p2A clear, easy-to-use system that provides detailed information for    intra-organizational communication is essential to running a tight operation. Documentation of fleet maintenance is an important part of complying with government regulations. A well organized inspection form designed to convey a driver’s concerns and maintenance communication is essential. We design user-friendly, streamlined forms that work.

Among the many items commonly included on transit forms are:

  • Vehicle ID
  • Date / Shift
  • Mechanical issues
  • Passenger area condition
  • Bus/van line art for identifying problem areas or damage
  • Space for descriptions
  • Operator, mechanic, supervisor signatures

DBI-P-form-10-2012-p1Often the simplest solution is the best. Transit Line Art creates custom Inspection forms to your specifications, with detailed graphics of your agency’s vehicle models. Our forms are made to work within and enhance your current system.

This form, designed for Culver City Transit, provides a simple yet effective way to track the condition of their vehicles, alerting maintenance supervisors of any drivers’ concerns. Some companies, for example, may require drivers to perform inspections at the start and end of each shift. The mechanics performing the maintenance are then required to sign the form when repairs are completed, documenting their service records in compliance with state regulations.

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