A good logo enhances a bus system’s identity and reinforces its mission. Upgrade an existing logo or create a new one. With years of experience creating logos to brand businesses, products and services, we know how to communicate values and message.

The logo-design process begins with listening to our clients and determining exactly what they’re looking to communicate and how the logo can boost that communication. Together, we carefully craft a compelling logo targeted to key audiences and demographics.

By experience we’ve developed a logo-design process that focuses our creativity to your specific needs. We don’t just seek your input, we require it. Here is a short description of the steps we take together toward a successful outcome:

  • Define – Learn all we can about the purpose of the logo, how it will be used, target demographic, etc.
  • Explore – Brainstorming and discussions get the creative juices flowing. Sketches and rough drafts are submitted for feedback.
  • Refine – Based on client feedback, revisions are made, moving the design toward a finished state.
  • Finalize – Finished design is delivered in the format of choice. If the logo is for use on promotional items, finished products can be delivered quickly and at competitive cost.

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