Fleet Graphics & Vehicle Wraps

Culver City Rapid Bus
Culver City Rapid Bus

Coaches are the most visible part of any transit agency, their appearance influences patrons and the public at large. Having a strong visual identity is a great way to enhance the image of the agency as well as the community it represents as it daily rounds through the city and surrounding areas. TLA has worked with several Southern California municipal bus lines (Culver City, Montebello Bus Lines, Glendale Beeline & Norwalk Transit) to design a new look for their fleets.

Norwalk Transit 2013 "Stuff-A-Bus"
Norwalk Transit 2013 “Stuff-A-Bus”

We also work with agencies to design bus wraps for special occasions like a “Stuff-A-Bus” Holiday promotion that collects toys for disadvantaged children while spreading good cheer throughout the community. Or, to recognize a milestone, Anniversary, or new sustainability program.

Our Portfolio has a section dedicated to fleet graphics and vehicle wraps.

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