100 Best Fleets

Acknowledge your Achievement, Say “Thanks, well done.”

You’re the Best. Now show it. Adding 100 Best Fleets Vehicle Decals to your fleet vehicles or Patches to your uniforms are inexpensive ways to keep your achievement in the public eye. Banners for your facilities are another value priced item great for public display and team building.

We have great ways to reward the dedication and hard work of your staff. While T-Shirts and Patches are the most popular items, we also provide Jackets, Polos and Hats. Let us know what you’re interested in and how we can help.

We don’t publish pricing because all orders are custom; variables like color, quantity, size and set-up costs can greatly effect the cost per item. We need to know the items you are interested in, quantities, design info and desired delivery date. We will respond promptly with cost, production time and how to proceed.

Interested? Use our contact form to drop us a line or give us a call 310-500-0228, 8am – 5pm M-F.

Transit Line Art is proud to be the exclusive provider of official 100 Best Fleets and Government Green Fleet apparel and merchandise. Samples of our new line of 100 Best Fleets designs are on the apparel, patch, decal and banner pages. We also have permission to initiate new custom designs incorporating city seals, mottos, etc. with the 100 Best Fleets logo.

“Our goals are to educate, enable and recognize excellence. That’s why Transit Line Art is our exclusive provider of design services and official merchandise. Attention to detail, high standards and professionalism are the main reasons we choose to work with TLA. Mark’s easy-to-work-with style and his company’s fair pricing are also worthy of mention.”

–Tom C. Johnson
The 100 Best Fleets in North America

Transit Line Art would like to thank all organizations striving to reach the highest level. Your community, patrons and the environment all appreciate your hard work, attention to detail and the pride you take in public service.

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