Vehicle Decals

Adding a custom designed decal to your fleet or service vehicles is a great way to get public recognition for your achievement. Inspire local public and businesses to follow your lead and find more efficient ways to do what they do, literally moving the community in a greener direction.

Custom Vehicle Decal

decal_mockup_bgCustom designs are best for organizations that already have other honors they would like to acknowledge. This example shows Culver City’s 100 Best and Green Fleet Awards at the center of a wheel or gear. The wheel represents the transportation department that keeps this progressive California community moving in a positive direction. We dropped the city name from the graphic since their service vehicles are already identified.

Generic Green Fleet Awards “Vehicle Badge”

GFA-18-multi-colorWe offer this simple generic version, consisting of only the Green Fleet Awards logo, to accommodate the variety of your vehicles. We offer decals in sizes from 3″ to 18″. It’s a cost effective way to get the recognition you’ve earned.

For More Product Information:

If you’ve been named a Government Green Fleet, and have an interest in merchandise, use our contact form. Be sure to list the items you are interested in, quantities and desired delivery date. We will get back to you with information about cost, production time, etc.

Vehicle Decal Ordering Process

  1. Contact us indicating your interest in GGF decals. Please provide the following so we can accurately price your order:
    • choice of “badge” or “Custom”
    • quantity per size (w x h)
    • any “custom” information to include in your design.
  2. TLA will give you a price estimate.
  3. Place an order by accepting the estimate and paying a 50% deposit.
  4. TLA will do all design work, pending your approval.
  5. TLA will produce the decals and ship them to you.
  6. Balance of payment due upon approval (within 5 days of receipt.)
  7. Decal installation is your responsibility.

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